• Sometimes it is hard to find Disney pumpkin carving patterns on the internet due to copyright issues. However, it is possible and it is worth the effort!

  • deer pumpkin stencil

    Deer pumpkin carvings are always popular with hunters – kids you should carve one for your dad! Also, this is a fairly easy pattern as you are just cutting out areas – no shading at all. Download the pattern here!

  • Tigger Pumpkin Stencil

    This Tigger Pumpkin Carving was submitted by Suzanne. This was one of her first carvings – great job Suzanne! This is an advanced shaded pattern that really gives a feeling of satisfaction once it is done.

  • Winnie the Pooh Pumpkin

    This Winnie the Pooh Pumpkin Carving is very fun! Unfortunately, last we checked, this pattern had been pulled from the internet due to copyright issues...

  • Eeyore Pumpkin Stencil

    This is yet another Disney pattern that was sadly taken offline due to copyright issues. However, don’t give up hope – new patterns are constantly being posted online.

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Finding Patterns

Finding nice pumpkin carving patterns online can be a challenge. Visit this guide, which we update yearly, for some tips and tricks. Coming soon.

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